Mum who bought Xmas gifts in pound shop will now spend £8k on kids after OnlyFans fame

An ex teacher who used to be reliant on pound shops and other family members for her children’s Christmas presents has revealed her bigger budget this December after her racy modelling success

A former skint teacher who could only afford to buy her kids’ presents from a pound shop will instead spend £2,000 on each of her four children this Christmas.

Courtney Tillia’s fortunes changed in 2019 when she joined OnlyFans while vowing to never return to the classroom.


The striking mum, who lives in LA, went on to pocket life-changing money by stripping off on the saucy subscription site.

Some months she earned as much as £100,000 and she is now using her wealth to give her family another special Christmas.

The married 35-year-old told Daily Star: “This difference will be night and day. There were times previously where the dollar store was really our only option and we relied on family to get presents for our kids.

She resigned from her special education teaching job in 2016 (Image: courtneytilliabackup/Instagram

“It feels amazing to be able to give them whatever they want.

“I’ve always loved the holidays but the chronic stress of being broke always puts a damper on the season to some degree.

“It’s very different when you get to have the experience you want without having to stress about finances. It’s how it should be for everyone.”

Cash-happy Courtney has already had a Christmas to remember – having recently joined Aerosmith on stage in Vegas for a sing along with the rock legends.

But despite pledging up to £8,000 on her children’s presents, she will be more frugal when it comes to herself and will instead try and support people more in need.

The OnlyFans model will splash out on her four kids this Christmas (Image: @courtneytillia/ Instagram)

She said: “Nothing really extravagant [for myself]. I really love great Black Friday sales. Mostly clothes, shoes and a perfume I’ve had my heart set on.

“My family and I always adopt families to help around the holidays. It wasn’t that long ago that we couldn’t give our kids the Christmas they deserved so we love to use our blessings to bless others.”

Courtney, who donates part of her income to homeless charities, charges approximately £12 for fans to access her naughty page.

And in recent months the attractive brunette has travelled as far as Jamaica and Mexico to collaborate with other racy models.

The former life coach and special needs teacher also started her own free OnlyFans training course to help other creators.

The brunette beauty is proud of her financial success (Image: courtneytilliabackup/Instagram)

And as for her success, she concluded: “OnlyFans has been wonderful. I’m so proud of what we’ve created from how things were when we were teachers.

“It’s a testament to the belief, commitment and work that we’ve done to give ourselves and our kids a better life.”

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